Shannen Delilah



A lot of women come to me for help, without really knowing what they want. Sometimes it’s to see a specific number on the scale. Sometimes it’s to feel good again in their bodies. This is why is always ask about their goals first. What is it that you really want? In fitness. In life. […]

what are your personal non negotiables


What are your non-negotiables? I mean, the things you have to do for YOURSELF, to be the best version of you for yourself, for others, in your work, as a mom, as an athlete? I challenge you to make a list for yourself. Make them your own and make sure they contribute to the vision […]


As long as you’re happy, who cares…right?

As long as you’re happy, who cares…right? Not really. Because they care. They comment. They have their opinion about how you do things – that you prepare and take your own food with you, that you skip that event because you want to train -. They have their opinion on how you look – you’re […]


The fastest way to get back on track

Imagine a child playing with a train, the train falls off track and the child puts the train back on track. That’s it. No hard feelings. No regrets. Just hopping back on it. It’s a new day today, a new minute every minute, you can’t go back to the minutes before, the days or weeks, […]


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I remember always felt overwhelmed by this question. How would I know? I lived day by day. Why would I think about it? I had goals, I was working hard, but there wasn’t a clear vision: a roadmap towards my goals. My vision now is clear: leading […]


Insecurities in prep/diet phase

As you are preparing and getting closer to a certain date, for example a fitness competition, insecurities about the way you look can start to take over from time to time, especially if it’s your first rodeo – believe me, I’ve been there and my clients can relate to this too -. You start to […]



There will always be moments where you don’t feel 100% motivated to tick off all your boxes. I know I’m not always perfectly on point ????????‍♀️. It could be because of stress, low energy, private reasons, cold weather or a lack of sleep. But the discipline, the ability and consistency to do what you should […]



Girl. If you’re set goals aren’t that clear or really important to you, you’ll find yourself struggling with a lack of motivation to do what needs to be done in order to get where you (say) you want to be. You’ll always have a hard time reaching goals that aren’t what you really want from […]

check in photos

Check-in photos

Non-compettors Compettitors   Tips: the back camera will give you more quality then the front/selfie camera. use 10 sec timer to get in place. put on the ringlight if your room isn’t light enough get a colour posing bikini, you’d use for your competition as well (so that we can see how you would look […]


Gastblog: Vegan & Fitness

Hi girls, Ik heb onze Vegan BBSD babe Merel uitgenodigd op de blog om meer te vertellen over een veganistische levensstijl. Dit onderwerp wordt steeds populairder en ook als coach dien ik mij hier dus ook steeds meer in te verdiepen en krijg ik met dames te maken die hun fitness journey geheel veganistisch willen […]