Bodies by Shannen Delilah

Welcome, to our coaching services provided by Shannen Delilah, where women globally dedicated to their health and fitness goals are empowered and supported.

Shannen is committed to assisting you in elevating your health, physique, and mindset to achieve what you aspire to.


What Makes Our Coaching Stand Out?

At BBSD, we emphasize delivering top-notch service through transparent communication, personalized advice, and continuous assistance.

Alongside Shannen, Lifestyle Coach Ragettie and Mental Coach Lisa, along with our community of resilient and like-minded women, are ready to support you on your journey.


How Can We Help?

We offer Personal Online Coaching from A-Z including Posing for Competitive Athletes, sustainable Lifestyle changes, Photoshoot Transformations, assistance for Brides-to-be, Moms aiming to regain fitness, Mental support and much more, starting from 12-weeks. Results guaranteed.

As part of our 1:1 coaching program, you can enjoy exclusive team content, access to a workout library, team events such as photoshoots, and engaging and informative BBSD Zoom calls.


Or are you more suitable for our incredible fitness app?

Where you can choose to Build muscle, Shred body fat or Maintain your physique, during a 8 or 12-week program.


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