Shannen Delilah

In late 2015, Shannen created an Instagram profile with the aim of spreading her passion for fitness and bodybuilding to others. She quickly began attracting fans, with many fascinated by how she was able to remain feminine while being muscular and strong. Now, she wants to help women all over the world become the powerful and beautiful women they are meant to be and has created a powerful community where women can become the best versions of themselves.

What I Do

“Girl, let me tell you, there is no better time than right now to take control of your life, health, mental health, and body and to rewrite your story. Whatever it was that led you up to this point, you are here now.Get started and unlock your true potential.”

Become the best version of you


Competition history

  • IFBB Strenght and Physique Cup 2015 – 2nd Place

  • IFBB Ironmain-Ironmaiden 2016 – 1st Place

  • IFBB Juliette Bergmann Grand Prix 2016 – 2nd Place

  • IFBB Dutch Championships 2018 – 1st Place and Overall winner

  • IFBB Diamond Cup Luxembourg 2018 – 6th Place

  • IFBB World Championships Poland 2018 – 13th Place

  • IFBB Diamond Cup Rome 2018 – 7th Place


  • Personal trainer of the year Alkmaar 2020, Dutch Fitness Awards

  • Top 10 personal trainers of the Netherlands 2020 (#6), Dutch Fitness Awards

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SDF 17

"It's my mission to empower women all around the world to feel confident, healthy, and strong from the inside out."

SDF 17