As long as you’re happy, who cares…right?

Not really. Because they care. They comment. They have their opinion about how you do things – that you prepare and take your own food with you, that you skip that event because you want to train -. They have their opinion on how you look – you’re getting too bulky, too lean, not feminine, too muscular -.

Sometimes I ask myself, would they (your family, friends) be more happy to see you sad, because you’re doing what they find “normal”? If you would ask them, they would probably say no. So why would they bother to tell you, even if it can negatively effect you? I coach a lot of women and by speaking to them I realize so many of you are getting demotivated or even scared to continue the proces of becoming your vision, becoming the woman you wish you would be, because of people having an opinion about what it is that makes you happy.

Don’t look at what others are doing. Don’t wish to be like anybody else. Focus on your own journey, whatever it is, focus on bettering yourself, your physique, your mindset, being a better person and all other aspects in life you find important. People will always have an opinion. Aim to be the best version that you can be. In the end, that is truly the only thing that matters. And people will love you just for that, for you being you. And if they don’t, are they really your people? Fun fact, it’s mostly judgment against themselves.

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