Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I remember always felt overwhelmed by this question. How would I know? I lived day by day. Why would I think about it? I had goals, I was working hard, but there wasn’t a clear vision: a roadmap towards my goals.

My vision now is clear: leading and creating a beautiful, powerful community of strong, amazing women, supporting each other. I created a reversed roadmap towards my goals (5 years, 3 years, 1 year etc.) and I work hard for it everyday. I adjust as a go (life happens) and I keep ticking the necessary boxes.

I am no where near to where I want to be, but because of my roadmap, I am not just winging it and that makes me less stressed/anxious and more confident that all the tiny steps I am taking, eventually lead to my vision. Yes, sometimes I feel overwhelmed or work/life balance is totally off and I’m still learning to structure better daily, but this is my mission and I know that I need to keep going and tick of my daily/weekly/monthly boxes in order to make my vision come to life.

This is also something we discuss inside our coaching program at BBSD. If you need any help with this, hit me up there. I would be happy to help you ladies towards your dreams and goals ????.

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