What are your non-negotiables? I mean, the things you have to do for YOURSELF, to be the best version of you for yourself, for others, in your work, as a mom, as an athlete?

I challenge you to make a list for yourself. Make them your own and make sure they contribute to the vision you have for yourself (do you remember the post from last week?). The list can be as long as you need it to be. Listed are some examples of my non-negotiables – my whole list is 16 points long and I can’t nail every point of the list daily, but I know I need to do it in order to recharge myself and be the best version of me, as me and as a coach working with so many amazing women. –
Gentle reminder: not every day will be flawless because life happens, but aim to do as much on the list as possible and I promis you everything in your life will flow so much easier (energy levels, stress levels, career, love life).
This is what is teach my BBSD babes in our community.
If you finish your list, feel free to share some of your points below in the comments.
what are your personal non negotiables

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