As you are preparing and getting closer to a certain date, for example a fitness competition, insecurities about the way you look can start to take over from time to time, especially if it’s your first rodeo – believe me, I’ve been there and my clients can relate to this too -.

You start to think you’re not good enough and didn’t make the necessary progress in your off season, you feel like you’re running out of time and the cutting phase isn’t going fast enough. You may start to look at girls that will be standing in your line-up (probably if you’ve mentioned you’re preparing for the same competition, they’re looking at you too) and this can cause unnecessary stress and distraction from your progress.

If this happens to you, ask yourself: am I doing everything I should be doing?
Am I just ticking off boxes, or am I ticking boxes with 100% effort?
Are there areas where I’m lacking?
Yes? Improve them.
No? Trust the proces.
There’s nothing else you can do.

If you have a coach, let them do the job for you. If they say things are moving in the right direction, trust them ????????. The same when you’re preparing for a photoshoot or any other goal. All you need to be focussing on is executing your plan to look like your best possible self. It doesn’t matter what happens, if you know you have given it all you got.

Please girls, drop a “????????‍♀️” in the comment section, if you can relate. You will see you’re not the only one experiencing this.

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