A lot of women come to me for help, without really knowing what they want. Sometimes it’s to see a specific number on the scale. Sometimes it’s to feel good again in their bodies. This is why is always ask about their goals first.

What is it that you really want? In fitness. In life. Do you know exactly where you want to go? Short term. Long term. How clear is the vision you have for yourself? In 6 months, in a year, in 5 years.. Listing this down ✍️, creating THE vision you have for yourself, can really help you to progress in every aspect of life. How can you expect yourself to progress, if you don’t know where you supposed to be going?

I challenge you to create a vision for yourself. You can write it down on paper, make a moodboard or use a whiteboard. Hang it on the wall. Make sure your vision is clear, so you can focus on the steps in front of you, with patience, full control and trust that every step you make is a step in the right direction and that it will eventually lead to your destination.

Gentle reminder: ofcourse your vision can change in time, but you need to have goals in life that will feed your motivation to do the work, if this happens adjust and keep moving forward towards your goals.

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